A first selection of the many images I shot during the making of the feature film Torpedo. It was a wild experience, for everybody involved. It has been four years since filming (2018).  In a future selection, you will find more work shot under water in the life size built submarine.
I hope you enjoy this selection as much as I do.
4 December 2022
Actor Koen De Bouw lying on a field bed with a yellow blanket.
Koen De Bouw and Ella June Henrard rehearsing a scene with the focus puller in the background.
Actors reviewing scene on the screen of the focus puller.
Director Sven Huybrechts lost in thought.
Koen De Bouw playfully signaling stop at camera and director Sven Huybrechts looking into the camera.
Three extras waiting on a bench outside, waiting to be called for scene.
Still image of two apples on the ground with fake blood in the left corner.
Actors preparing for scene in the submarine machine room.
Assistant director, director of photography and focus puller meeting with actors for scene.
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