I recently joined a webinar of Mission Blue about the role of photography in ocean conservation. I was quite inspired by all the speakers, still believing a photo can have impact. I came about the webinar because of Christian Vizl, a photographer I greatly admire. Other photographers I got to know and had great things to say were Amos Nachaum, Joakim Odelberg, Tanya Houppermans, Alex Rose and Pier Nirandara. 

The activist in me is stirred and I feel ignited to make an impact! 

These are images from Costa Rica, Playa del Coco. Dive sites are Catalinas and Bat Islands. The camera is a Sony RX100 with brand underwater housing. In the editing process I welcomed Topaz DeNoise AI to do some heavy lifting. 

Can you spot the murray eel? 
View of the ocean from the back of a boat with a view on Catalinas.
Murray eel popping out of the rocks.
Focus on one puffer fish on the foreground and a school of pufferfish in the background.
Spotted stingray getting some lunch at the rocks of Catalinas.
White tip reef shark resting on a sandbank.
Two white tip reef sharks in the sand.
A puffer fish greeting the camera and school of fish in the background.
Close up of a needle fish.
A swimming turtle with his forearms up.
A giant manta swimming over in backlight.
A giant manta dancing in front of the camera.
A school of fish in the form of a ball.
A manta seen swimming away amidst giant schools of fish.
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