Behind the scenes images of Torpedo, a feature film produced by a team productions and directed by Sven Huybrechts.
Set photography
Thailand 2010
A selection of images I still love after all those years. It's a showcase of juxtaposition, ordinary situations we find extraordinary. Shot in Bangkok and on Koh Samui and the railroad line from Chumpon to Bangkok.
Nosy personalities
Portraits of equine noses. I feel like the whole personality and observation of the world comes together in a horse's nose.
Horses of Schaarbeek
In Schaarbeek, a team of horses and garbage workers bring joy and clean the streets and parks of the capital.
Early mornings
This series is from my early years as a photographer, going to the beach in the wee hours of the morning. Still fascinated by how rain changes light and perception.
Dark Water
Study of underwater movement and reflections in the pool. As there is no concept, my mood strongly invades the images.
Inspired by Demarchelier
As a diver, I love doing shoots like these. Another study with two models and an image of Patrick Demarchelier in mind.
Cloud poetry
I love flying planes, as they open up a new perspective not reached easily. Airplane mode becomes a meditative state where the world is pure poetry.
Self portraiture
Photographing myself is creative therapy and a meditative practice. It is also a way of accepting how I look in any given time and an act of selflove.
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